Die Weinhandlung Hardy

Hardy - a well known name in Berlin with a long tradition in the wine business.

Since 1961 our family business has offered it services with several wine restaurants and wine shops in Berlin as one of the oldest wine merchants in town. Hardy stands for high quality wines, expert advice and customer service.

The first wine bar opened in 1961 in Berlin-Charlottenburg. Eberhard Schreiber - known as Hardy – wanted to live out his' dream after a few years abroad with his own wine bar „Hardy an der Oper“. In 1969 followed the much larger „Hardy auf Sylt“ and in 1982 the small and cosy wine bar „Hardy’s Gute Stube“ in Berlin-Schmargendorf. Today these restaurants don't exist anymore.

1974 opened the first wine shop „Weinhandlung Hardy“ in Berlin-Schmargendorf was founded and run by Eberhard Schreiber. Over the course of time the customer service of finding old bottles of fine wine developped in such a way that a new wine shop opened in 1986 „Raritäten Cabinet“, specialising in these rare wines.

In 1993 Philipp Schreiber took over the „Weinhandlung Hardy“ with its everyday wines at a new location in Thielallee in Berlin-Dahlem, while his father continued his hunt of old bottles.

In the beginning mainly specialized in german and french wines the selection has grown and has been finetuned to many more origins from all over Europe.

After over 60 years in the wine and restaurant business Eberhard Schreiber retired in 2010. Since then the two shops of everyday drinking bottles and the one of rare and fine bottles were "reunited" in a single location in Thielallee in Berlin-Dahlem: „Weinhandlung Hardy mit Raritäten Cabinet“.


Weinhandlung Hardy 1974 in Warnemünder Straße in Berlin.