Wine is our thing. We are looking for sincere and honest wines that reflect their region of origin and the winemakers skills. As the industrialisation didn't stop in the wine production, with boring wines without caracter and taste, we go a different way with our selection.

In search od authentic and credible wines we have visited a countless number of wineries, have tasted from even more barrels, are visiting wine fairs and have heard and learned a lot while talking to all these winemakers. Over the years our quality standards have risen and got finetuned this way.

The personal contact to the winemakers and winery owners is important to us. Within a year or two we can see the emergence and development of a vintage. The idea to offer wines, spirits and sparklings from various regions and quality levels is our drive.

In this enormous world of wine the very respectable work of a winemaker is important, the most natural handling with the product. We want to show the purity and the caracters of a wine and don't want to offer an industrial product. Even if our influence is limited in this matter, we will try to to choose wines without make-up and varnish, pure in style.

We want you to take part in this. Discover exciting and independent wines with caracter and soul.