Single Malt Whisky is made from barley. First it is soaked in water. After about 3 days of rest it starts to germinate and the enzymes needed in the next process aget activated. The malted barley is usually dried over a peat fire (peat taste) and then mixed with hot water in mash vats. With help of the enzymes the starch is converted into sugar and the result is a sweet solution. By adding yeasts the fermentation is initiated and after a few days the fermented mash contains no sugar anymore but alcohol. It is ready for distillation. After 2 distillations, the brandy must mature for at least 3 years in used wooden barrels in order to be called whisky. Single malt whisky is usually stored for more than 8 years. Due to the long maturation period in the barrel, the whisky becomes more aromatic and loses its sharpness, giving it its amber colour. Diluted with spring water to drinking strength, it can be bottled.