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The region forms a rough triangle between Bordeaux, Toulouse and the Pyrenees in the south. The wines of Bordeaux serve as an example and inspiration for many winegrowers. In the past, the wines were mainly sold to wine wholesalers from Bordeaux. But with the modern oenological possibilities to work the tannins, the wines are so much softer and show their caracteristics much better that many wineries distribute the wines themselves.
Thanks to a new generation of winegrowers, the area is now experiencing an upswing. The many indigenous grape varieties have contributed to this. Grape varieties such as Tannat, Loin de l'Oeil and Manseng give the wines authenticity and typicity. The southwest includes areas such as Madiran, Gaillac, Irouleguy, Fronton, Cahors, Armagnac, Gascogne and Jurançon.

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