Germany >> Rheingau >> Weißwein

The Rhine always flows north. Only at Wiesbaden does it make an exception and flows at a 90° angle to the west. 30 km later at Rüdesheim it turns again to the north. One of the most beautiful wine culture landscapes arose. The 3200 ha southern slopes make the Rheingau the wine region with the highest Riesling share worldwide. Gravel, sand as well as loamy to clayey soils with marl and loess, but also quartzite and slate weathered soils can be found here.
The climatic advantages for viticulture were already known to the Romans. Benedictine and Cistercian monks did pioneer work and brought worldwide fame to the Rheingau with their uniform thinking and work in the vineyard and cellar. Cabinet, Spätlese, Auslese find their roots in the Rheingau.
German "Grand Cru" from the Rheingau are well known to the amateurs all over the world with e.g. Marcobrunn and Steinberg. Today, these top products are among the most highly valued and very expensive wines in the world.